Integrated design of buildings and constructions

Design is a complex process of project documentation preparation with regard to the tasks of a customer, the requirements of the controlling bodies, loads which will experience the projected object in the process of exploitation, and many other factors.

The design isrequired for new construction, reconstruction, modernization, re-equipment, and repair, liquidation (demolition) of a building or structure.


We will develop a project in 4 stages:

  1. The stage of technical and economic feasibility study (TEO) implies a substantiation of investments for the project realization. 
  2. The stage of project definition study involves the development and approval of the building exterior(development concept) in municipal administrative bodies, defining the object functions. 
  3. The stage of project documentation development involves the development and approval of design considerations in the bodies of state (non-state) examination. 
  4. The stage of working documentation development implies the development of documentation for construction and installation works at the newly constructed objects and reconstruction, re-equipment, repair, liquidation (demolition) of the existing ones.


We will performthe design of industrial, public and residential buildings and structures. Also we will carry out architectural supervision for the conformity control of building or structure to the project documentation.

In the result you will receive a complete set of project documentation.



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