The design of electricity supply network objects

The design of electricity supply network objectsinvolves the development of design and working documentation of:

  • substations 220/110/35/10 (6) kV;
  • subscriber substations 10 (6)/0,4 kV;
  • distribution points 10 (6) kV;
  • aerial and cable lines 0,4-220 kV;
  • networks of internal power supply of industrial enterprises.


Project documentation preparation is required for a new construction; reconstruction, expansion, technical re-equipment; major repairs of the object.


We will develop:

  • object electrical connections diagrams;
  • object general plan;
  • plans and facades of buildings;
  • plans of electrical equipment placing;
  • diagrams of equipment connection;
  • schemes of relaying and automatics (SRaA), control, telemechanics, communication;
  • automated measuring and information systems for electric power fiscal accounting (AMIS EPFA) and automatic process control system (APCS) of the lower level;
  • local, object and consolidated budget.


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