Energy audit

Energy audit (energy survey) is the collection and processing of information about the use of energy resources.

In the framework of the energy audit it is conducted a complete survey of all areas of consumption of object – heat, energy, water consumption, consumption of fuel and energy resources, gasoline and oil, etc.


Energy survey will help to:

  • obtain reliable information on the volume of consumed energy resources;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of their use;
  • identify opportunities for energy saving and improving energy efficiency.


We will perform energy survey in 4 stages:

  1. Preparatory stage includes: 
  • acquaintance with the object of examination;
  • interviewing of management and staff;
  • drafting a detailed plan of survey implementation. 

2. Stage of information collection involves the collection of documentary data on the engineering infrastructure of examination object, the conditions of resources supply and the volumes of their consumption. 

3. During visual and instrumental stageare examined systems of heat,energy, water supply, enclosing structures, accounting system of resources consumption, ventilation systems, technological complexes. 

Stage of survey results processing includes: 

  • analysis of collected data;
  • development of the program for increase of energy efficiency and energy saving;
  • technical and economic feasibility study of energy saving measures.


In the result of energy audit you will obtain:

  • Energy performance certificate with assigned registration number;
  • Technical report, containing information on current consumption and main directions of energy saving and their value;
  • Program of energy saving and enhancing energy efficiency, containing a list of specific measures and timing of their recoupment.


Efficient consumption of energy resources will allow you to reduce the costs of production and henceto increase the competitiveness of products.

We are ready to conductlocal and express-survey of the same type of resources or an individual object. As well as to advise on the issues of energy saving, carrying out energy audits, preparation of preliminary specification for energy examination.



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