Engineering and environmental surveys

Engineering and environmental surveysare an integral part of the development of project documentation and is regulated by SP 11-102-97 “Engineering and environmental surveys for construction” and SNiP 11-02-96 “Engineering surveys for construction. Main provisions“

The objectives of engineering and environmental surveys are:

  • ecological substantiation of construction and other activities;
  • prevention, reduction or elimination of the adverse effects.


We will conduct engineering and environmental surveysin 3 stages: 

1.Preparatory stage includes:

  • the collection of information;
  • reconnaissance area of work;
  • analysis of surveys results of the previous years. 

2.Stage of field works includes:

  • measurement of noise level;
  • measurement of radiation background;
  • measurement of radon flow;
  • samplingof soil for laboratory studies. 

3. Stage of office analysis of results implies the analysis of laboratory studies and the preparation of report.


In the result of engineering and environmental surveys you will receive a Technical reportthat will be included in the project documentation.

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