Geophysical explorations

Geophysical explorations (engineering seismology) are carried outwith the purpose of

  • exploration of buildings and constructions foundations for definition of their geometrical dimensions (including the impossibility of exploratory shaftsdrifting), the depth of soles, the depth of piles (in the case of piled foundations);
  • detailed study of geological aspects of land plot, tracking of geological boundaries between wells.


We will conduct geophysical explorations: 

  • when assessing the compliance of building construction requirements of the project and normative-technical documentation;
  • when carrying out geotechnical surveys in complicated geotechnical conditions.


Wewillconductengineering seismology in 4 stages

1.Preparatory stage includes:

  • the collection of information;
  • reconnaissance area of work;
  • analysis of available data. 

2.Stage of field works 

3.Processing stage implies office analysis of received data, plotting of time cross sections. 

4.The stage of results interpretationreveals the effect of the foundations of the passage of waves, geological boundaries are traced.


In the result of the geophysical explorationsyou will receive:

  • information about the foundations of buildings and structures (depth, geometrical parameters, depth of piles);

information about geological boundaries in the interwell space during geotechnical surveys.


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