Geotechnical surveys

Conduction of geotechnical surveyis an integral part of the development of the design documentation, and is regulated by SP 11-105-97 “Geotechnical surveys for construction” and SNiP(construction norms and specifications) 11-02-96 “Engineering surveys for construction. Main provisions”.


Geotechnical surveys are carried out with the purpose of:

  • the study of geological structure with the allocation of geotechnical elements during the design, operation, reconstruction of buildings and constructions;
  • the determination of physical, physical and mechanical as well as corrosive properties of soil, chemical composition and aggressive properties of the ground water;
  • thestudy of hazardous geological and geotechnical processes with the development of recommendations on engineering protection of territories.


Wewillconductgeotechnical surveys in 4 stages

1.Preparatory stage includes:

  • the collection of information;
  • reconnaissance area of work;
  • analysis of surveys results of the previous years. 

2.Stage of field works includes:

  • well-drilling;
  • drifting of exploratory shafts;
  • description of geological diggings;
  • sampling of soil;
  • sampling of ground water. 

3. Stage of laboratory research includes:

  • determination of physical propertiesof soils;
  • determination of physical and mechanical properties of soils;
  • determination of chemical composition of ground water;
  • determinationof corrosive properties of soil and groundwater in relation to concrete, metal, cable sheathing. 

4. Stage of office analysis of results includes:

  • analysis of laboratory research;
  • plotting of engineering stratigraphic columns;
  • plotting of engineering stratigraphic sections.


In the result of geotechnical surveys you will receive a Technical reportthat will be included in the project documentation.


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