Engineering and hydrometrological surveys

Engineering and hydrometrological surveysare necessary when: 

  • surveying sources of water supply on the basis of underground waters;
  • studying the processes of territory flooding with underground waters and their chemical pollution;
  • studying and forecasting of run-of-river and alluvialrivers deformationsdevelopment, processing of shores of lakes and reservoirs, sea coastdynamics;
  • carrying out cryological studies, study of karst, landslides, mudflows and other hazardous natural processes;
  • carrying out hydrometeorological substantiation of buildings construction, having a negative impact on the water and air environment.


Carrying out of engineering and hydrometeorologicalsurveys is regulated by SP 11-103-97 “Engineering and hydrometeorological surveys for construction” and SNiP 11-02-96 “Engineering surveys for construction. Main provisions”.


Surveys are carried out with the purpose of: 

  • hydrological regime of rivers (including temporary watercourses), lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, estuarine areas of the rivers, coastal and shelf zones of seas;
  • climatic conditions and certain meteorological characteristics;
  • hazardous hydrometeorological processes and phenomena;
  • technogenic changes of hydrological climatic conditions or their individual characteristics.


Wewillconductengineering and hydrometeorological survey in 3 stages: 

1.Preparatory stage includes:

  • collection of information;
  • reconnaissance area of work;
  • analysis of surveys results of the previous years. 

2.Stage of field works includes:

  • observation under the characteristics of hydrological regime of water objects and climate, as well as occasional work on their study;
  • study of the hazardous hydrometeorological processes and phenomena. 

3. Stage of office analysis of materials implies the definition of estimated hydrological and (or) meteorological characteristics.


In the result of engineering and hydrometeorologicalsurveys you will receive a Technical report.


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