Topographical survey

Topographical survey for constructionis a setof measurements,calculations, plotting of drawings and real construction,providingthe correct andexactlocation ofbuildings and structures, as well as the constructionof their designand planningelements inaccordancewith the geometrical parametersof the project andthe requirements of normativedocuments. Survey conductingis regulated bySP (codes of practice)11-104-97 “TopographicalSurvey for Construction”.

We will performthefollowingtypesofsurvey operations:

  • location survey– transfer of projects, data of the State cadastre of real estate, construction axes to the site;
  • geodetic adjustment of structures;
  • post-construction surveys;
  • supervision over deformations;
  • measurements of buildings and structures, including facades and interior.


Topographic and geodetic surveys represent a complex of geodesic works, carried out at sitein order to prepare topographic maps and plans.


There are distinguished surveys for the compilation of large-scale topographic plans(1:200, 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000, 1:5000) and small-scale (1:10000, 1:25,000 and smaller) ones.

All elements of the area planimetry, of the existing site development, urban land improving, communications, as well as conformation are subject of surveying and mapping on topographic maps.


We will implement:

  • creation of topographical ground control;
  • surveying of linear structures, roads and railways, power transmission lines and communications;
  • calculation of excavation worksvolume;
  • planning of surfaces;
  • tree survey.


In the result you will receive a Topographical plan (topoplan) on paper and (or) in an electronic form.


In practice the need for 3D surveyoften occurs because the buildings often have more complex architectural forms than rectangular. In these caseswe use special geodesic equipment –an electronic tachymeter with the function of reflectionless survey.


Various tasks are solved by this doing: 

  • definition of planned-high-altitude position of the building;
  • floor-by-floor survey of internal premises and structures;
  • survey of facades and elements of the facades of buildings;
  • presentation of the survey results in the form of 2D or 3D models.


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