Environmental protection at the enterprise

Environmental protection at the enterprise is a system of measures aimed at the prevention of negative effects of the enterprise activity on natural environment and ensuring the safety of people.


The objects of industrial environmental monitoringwhich are subject to regular monitoring and evaluation are:

  • sources of emissions of polluting substances in the atmospheric air;
  • cleaning system of exhaust gases;
  • discharges sources of pollutants into the environment;
  • waste water treatment systems;
  • raw materials, materials, reagents;
  • sources of waste generation including production, workshops, and technological fields;
  • the places of temporary storage and waste disposal;
  • sources of harmful physical factors impacts;
  • sites of waste placement and disposal;
  • natural objects and complexes including specially protected natural areas located within the industrial site;
  • territories (water areas) where there is a use of natural resources;
  • finished products and others.


We will develop:

  • Provisions on industrial environmental monitoring;
  • Programs, schedule charts of industrial environmental monitoring;
  • environmental drafts – Draft on Waste Generation Standards and Waste Disposal Limits (WGSWDL); Draft on Maximum Permissible Emissions of polluting substances in the atmospheric air (MPE); Draft on Permissible Release Standards of pollutants with wastewater (PRS); Draft onorganization of Sanitary Protection Zone (SPZ); the List of activities for environmentalprotection (LAEP); Draft on environmental impact assessment (EIA).

We will perform environmental monitoring– emissions measurements of polluting substances in the atmospheric air, water, soil.



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