Assessment of the compliance of buildings and structures with the requirements of project documentation

Assessment of the compliance of buildings and structures involves the identification of compliance of constructed building or structure with the requirements of the project and standard technical documentation.


Compliance assessment may be required for newly built or moderated object of industrial, residential or public buildings in case, if:

  • construction was started without construction permission or with unfinished project;
  • during construction executive documentation was not carried out or not fully and properly carried out;
  • during construction therewereadmitted deviations from the project documents without their coordination with the project organization and etc.


We will conductworks on compliance assessment in 3 stages:

  1. Preparatory stage involves the study of the project and executive documentation, provided by the customer, acquaintance with the object of assessment. 
  2. Stage of full-scale examination includes visual and instrumental examination of the object, geodetic, geophysical and geological exploration. 
  3. Stage of results processing actually implies compliance assessment – analysis and comparison of survey results with project documentationdata.


In the result of assessment of building or structure compliancewith the requirements of the design documentation you will receive a Report, containing the information about the detected deviations and detailed recommendations on their elimination. You will require this report to obtain the permission of Rostekhnadzor (Federal Service of Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision) or of State building supervision to launch the object into operation.