Industrial safety expert examination and technical condition assessment of buildings and constructions of hazardous production facilities

The conduction of industrial safety expert examination(ISE) and technical condition assessment(TCA) in Russia is a compulsory procedure, and is regulated by:

  • Federal law № 116-FZ “On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities in the Russian Federation”;
  • The Federal law № 384-FZ “Technical regulations on the safety of buildings and constructions”;
  • GOST R 53778-2010 “Buildings and constructions. The rules of the survey and monitoring of technical condition”.

ISE and TCA are necessary to confirm the compliance of all the characteristics of industrial objects with the requirements of industrial safety standards.


ISE and TCAof buildings and structures are carried out:

  • periodically in the process of objects exploitation or on the request of authorized bodies;
  • when elaborating the terms of service, which shall be established by the project or other documents;
  • if buildings and structures suffered as a result of natural disasters, fires, accidents;
  • if there are any significant defects, damages and deformations;
  • if there is a need to carry out major repairs of the building, its modernization or reconstruction;
  • on the initiative of the object owner.


We will carry out examination and assessment of different types of industrial buildings and structures:

  • at mining and coal factories, including the construction of above-ground and underground complex;
  • at objects of the oil and gas industry;
  • at petrochemical, chemical and oil and gas processing factories and other explosive and fire hazardous production facilities;
  • at objects of boiler inspection;
  • at objects where permanently installed lifting mechanismsare used;
  • at objects of gas distribution and gas consumption;
  • at sites of chemical-recovery and metallurgical industries;
  • at explosive facilities of storage and processing of vegetable raw materials;
  • at objects of oil and gas production and main pipeline transport;
  • at nuclear power stations, constructions, complexes, systems with nuclear materials, intended for the production, processing, transportation of nuclear fuel and nuclear materials.


We will perform examination and assessment of:

  • especially dangerous and technically complex production facilities;
  • unique buildings and structures;
  • cultural monuments;
  • public and residential buildings.


We will conduct ISE and TCAof buildings and structures in 4 stages:

1. Preparatory stage includes:

  • acquaintance with the object of examination, its space-planning and constructive decision, materials of geotechnical researches;
  • selection and analysis of project design documentation;
  • preparation of the work program on the basis of preliminary specifications received from the customer.

2. Preliminary examination stageimplies a complete visual examination of designs of buildings and structures for the identification of defects and damage by external characteristics.

3. Instrumental examination stage includes:

  • work on measurement of the necessary geometric parameters of buildings, structures and their elements and units, including application of geodetic instruments;
  • instrumental determination of parameters of defects and damages;
  • determination of actual strength characteristics of materials of the basic bearing structures and their elements;
  • determination of the actual operating loads and effects, perceived by the target constructions with account of the influence of soil base deformations;
  • identification of the real scheme of the building and its separate structures;
  • definition of rated forces in supporting constructions, perceiving operational loadings;
  • calculation of the bearing capacity of structures basing on survey results.

4. Stage of survey results processing includes:

  • office studies and analysis of survey results and verifying calculations;
  • analysis of the reasons of defects and damage occurrence in structures;
  • compilation of the final document with conclusions on survey results;
  • development of recommendations on the further exploitation of buildings and structures (providing the required values of structures strength and deformability with recommended, if necessary, sequence of works performance).


In the result of technical conditions assessment and examination of industrial safety, you will receive a Technical report and Resolution respectively. These documents will present recommendations and the list of compensating measures to ensure the safe operation of buildings or structures.



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