Examination of industrial safety and technical diagnostics of technical devices

We will conduct expert examination of industrial safety (EIS) and diagnostics of technical devices (TD), used at hazardous production facilities.

Examination of industrial safety is a compulsory procedure in Russia, and is regulated by Federal law № 116 “On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities in the Russian Federation”.

Technical diagnostics is a voluntary procedure, and is required to determine the actual condition of technical devices with the purpose of decision-making on their further operation.

Examination of industrial safety and technical diagnostics of technical devices implies the assessment of compliance of technological equipment, units and mechanisms, technical systems and complexes, devices and equipment with the requirements of standard and technical documentation in the field of industrial safety, as well as the assessment of technical condition of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities.


Examination and technical devices diagnostics is necessary:

  • when technical device reaches the end of its period of service (service life is set by technical passport or other documents);
  • to confirm the compliance of all the characteristics of industrial objects with the requirements of industrial safetyrules;
  • in case of necessary technical documentationabsence;
  • after repairs, modernization, reconstruction of technical equipment;
  • after exposure of the equipment to external factors, or an accident at the enterprise;
  • in case of change of enterprise owner;
  • when defects of devices are detected;
  • on the corresponding request of Rostekhnadzor;
  • in case of change of operation technology of the equipment.


We will perform the examination and diagnostics:

  • at objects of the oil and gas industry;
  • at petrochemical, chemical and oil and gas processing factories and other explosive and fire hazardous production facilities;
  • at objects of boiler inspection;
  • at objects of gas distribution and gas consumption;
  • at t sites of the chemical-recovery and metallurgical industries;
  • at explosive facilities of storage and processing of vegetable raw materials;
  • at objects of oil and gas extraction and pipeline transport.


We will conduct examination and diagnostics of technical devices in 4 stages:

1. Preparatory stage includes:

  • acquaintance with the expertise object and operational conditions;
    • selection and analysis of project design documentation;
    • preparation of the work program on the basis of preliminary specifications received from the customer.

2. Preliminary examination stageimplies visual examination to detect defects and damage by external characteristics.

3. Instrumental examination stage includes:

  • instrumental determination of the parameters of defects and damages;
  • non-destructive testing in the necessary volume (ultrasonic defectoscopy and thickness measurements, magnetic particle inspection, capillary control, thermal control);
  • in necessary casesthe definition of actual materials strength characteristics of the basic bearing structures and their elements;
  • in necessary cases the strength and low-cycle loading  calculation. 

4. The stage of survey results processing includes:

  • survey results processing and analysis;
  • analysis of the reasons of defects and damage occurrence in TD;
  • compilation of the final document with conclusions on survey results;
  • the development of agreed measures for the safe TD operation and examination completion.


In the result of examination and diagnosticsof industrial safety you will receive a Technical report and Resolution respectively. These documents will present recommendations and the list of compensating measures to ensure the safe operation of thetechnical device.