Certification of workplaces according to harmful and dangerous working conditions

In the framework of complex on labor protection services we will perform a certification of workplaces according to harmful and dangerous working conditions.

Carrying out of workplacescertification is a compulsory procedure in Russia, and is regulated by the Labor code. Article 212 of the Labor code assigns the need for certification at each enterprise not less than 1 time in 5 years.

Workplace certificationimplies a comprehensive integrated assessment of labor conditions at every workplace and identifying harmful and (or) dangerous factors of production.


Workplace certificationwill allow an employer to:

  • put a claim for discount to the insurance rate (from 20% to 40% of the tariff);
  • reasonably revise the compensation payments to the workers;
  • obtain the objective documents necessary for the decision of occupational diseases questions;
  • purposefully spend financial resources for activities on labor protection;
  • get a confirmation of preferential pension provision in the cards of workplaces certification, which can significantly facilitate the work with the pension fund;
  • reduce the taxable base of enterprise by the inclusion of additional payments to employees engaged in heavy work, to the expenses for wages payment.


We will conduct certification of workplaces according to harmful and dangerous working conditions:

  • at any industrial enterprise;
  • at the enterprises of education and culture;
  • at objects of social sphere.


We will perform workplaces certification in 3 stages:

  1. Preparatory stage involves consultation with specialists of the enterprise in order to determine the list of workplaces which are subject to certification, the range of harmful production factors taking into account features of the technology of production, the location of the workplace and job responsibilities.

The main task of this stage is creation of prerequisites for the identification of harmful production factors, influencing the class working conditions.

2. Laboratory stage includes:

  • measurement of all standardized hygienic parameters of working conditions (physical and chemical);
  • measurement and assessment of labor process severity and intensity of;
  • assessment of injury preventionaccording to normative legal acts, containing the requirements of labor safety;
  • assessment of personal protective equipment in accordance with the industry standard norms. 

3. Stage of results processing includes:

  • complying of certification maps of workplaces on the basis of obtained survey protocols;
  • assessment of compliance of working conditions and benefits and compensationprovided to the employee;
  • execution of certification reports.


In the result of workplaces certificationaccording to harmful and dangerous conditions of work you will receive a package of documents, reflecting the real conditions in every workplace of your enterprise, which will allow to:

  • provide the workers with certified means of individual and collective protection;
  • evaluate the occupational risks;
  • provide hired workers reliable information about labor conditions at workplaces;
  • prepare statistical reports on labor conditions;
  • make the calculation of discounts and extra charges to insurance tariffs in compulsory social employees insurance from accidents on manufacture and occupational diseases;
  • solve the question about the connection of the disease with the profession in cases of suspected occupational disease;
  • justify the limitation of employment for certain categories of employees;

include in the employment contract working conditions characteristics and workers compensation for work in hard, harmful and (or) dangerous working conditions.



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