Training of the personnel on labor protection

The training on labor protection requirements of managers and specialists of enterprises, institutions and organizations is aimed to form in enterprise workers the knowledge required for reduction of industrial injuries, occupational diseases and ensuring the appropriate protection of labor at the enterprise as a whole.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation managers and experts of the enterprises should be given training and examination onlabor protection not less than once in 3 years. Otherwise state labor inspectors have the right to suspend an employee from work.


We will conduct:

  • training of the personnel of enterprise (internal training);
  • repeated testing;
  • seminars on: “Measurement and hygienic estimation of physical factors of working environment, severity and intensity of labor”;
  • training on first aid methods to victims in the workplace.

We will train workers ofvarious fields including the staff of industrial, construction, motor transport, housing and communal enterprises.

We will perform training on labor protection according to the following thematic plans:

  • training of organizations managers including those supervising the questions of labor protection;
  • training of managers and specialists involved in the organization, management and carrying out of works on workplaces and production units;
  • training of labor safety services specialists;
  • training of mixed groups.


The specialists who have finished the training would receive a Certificate of examination onlabor protection requirements of standard form and the Minutes of Commission meeting for the inspection of labor protection requirements.



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