Complex thermotechnical survey of buildings and constructions

We will perform:

  • thermal inspection of buildings and constructions;
  • definition of thermotechnical characteristics of building materials.

Complex thermotechnical survey will allow identifying:

  • quality of construction-and-assembling works;
  • thermotechnical characteristics of the building materials and their compliance with the project;
  • hidden defects of the enclosing structures.


During examination we will perform the following works:

  • measurement of parameters of heat-humidity conditions;
  • registration of temperature and heat flow on inner and outer surfaces of enclosing structures, as well as temperature of external and internal air;
  • measurement of humidity and heat conduction of building materials in enclosing constructions;
  • infrared survey of the exterior and interior surfaces of the building envelope, with the help of thermal imager.


In the result you will receive a Technical report, including the results of conducted survey and recommendations on elimination of the revealed defects.



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